Clothing Swap Shop

Share 'n' Wear

Pop into our Share ‘n’ Wear area and take away any clothes that you can use. We are trying to save perfectly good clothes from being sent to landfill, while at the same time saving people money on clothes. 

Great selection

We have loads of pre-loved clothes available, just waiting for a new home.

Women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s and baby clothes.


Bring clothes you no longer want

Bring along good quality clothes you no longer want and take away something new!

Share ‘n’ Wear offers a great way of allowing you to reuse clothes rather than them being wasted.

Items that don’t fit you might fit someone else and those that you have got bored of might be someone else’s exciting new outfit!


Share 'n' Weigh

We ask that you record the weight of clothes that you donate or pick up so that we can calculate how much carbon we are saving by sharing clothes rather than throwing them away! If a volunteer is staffing the shop they will do this for you!

If you see an item you’d like but have nothing to donate, don’t worry, just take the item. You can bring something in at a later date. We don’t want people donating items that they would otherwise happily continue wearing just because they feel they should donate something. And we don’t want people to go without a necessary item just because they have nothing to swap.


You can find out more about volunteering at the Swap Shop on the Volunteering Page of the website.