Not a scrap of litter left in Forthquarter Park!

Granton went Greener and cleaner last Saturday as  a result of our rubbish picking event.
Over 12 adults, some children, 14 big bags full of rubbish, 2 hours of rubbish collecting around Forthquarter Park, a lot of satisfaction and  at the end some nice cake and beverages sponsored by Morrisons. 
Thanks to all who took part.

We would like to say big THANK YOU🙏🙏🙏to all our volunteers and project friends, who have helped us to do collective rubbish picking around Forthquarter Park and Caroline Park on Saturday.

We are also very grateful to Morrisons and the supermarket’s community Champion-Jen for providing us with lovely refreshments after the rubbish picking as well as Barbara from Sustrans Scotland, who has provided the project with rubbish picking equipment.

In less than 2 hours, we have managed to collect more than 14 rubbish bags💚💚💚

We would love to organise another rubbish picking event this Summer, do you have any suggested public spaces in our local area we could help to clean? Let Anna know on


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