We are very fortunate at Granton Goes Greener to be able to work in partnership with many like-minded charities supporting the local community and anyone in need.
Dignity Boxes is such a charity established by Isabel Dosser, now a retired lecturer from Edinburgh Napier University. Isabel qualified as a registered nurse in 1976 and worked in various hospital departments before moving into palliative care in 1996 and then nursing education in 2004. She had a growing concern about the impact of poverty in health and well being and in 2018 she established Dignity Boxes to provide free toiletries to those in need, an initiative that was based around the principle of preserving and promoting the dignity of all individuals.
We have been working with Isabel and her dedicated team for a few years providing free toiletries to a broad range of service users in genuine need including those experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, young carers, financially struggling residents of sheltered housings etc.
If you would like to find out more about Dignity Boxes, visit their website – www.dignityboxes.co.uk
A HUGE THANK YOU to Isabel and the team for supporting our community🙏🙏🙏


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