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About Granton Goes Greener

Granton Parish Church is part of the Eco Congregation network, joining a worldwide movement which helps churches make the link between environmental issues, Christian faith and demonstrating our own commitment to better stewardship of the earth’s resources.

In 2018 we were awarded funding from the Climate Challenge Fund to set up the Granton Goes Greener project which will look at ways we could reduce CO2 emissions within our existing buildings and at working with the local community of Granton to ‘Go Greener’.

We have secured funding for 2019 – 2022 to continue the project until at least June 2022.

Our Staff

Anna Baran, Community Engagement Officer for the project, works for Granton Goes Greener four days a week.

Project Governance - how we run the project

Overall responsibility for the project lies with the Trustees of Granton Parish Church – The Kirk Session. Day to day running of the project is done by Anna, our Community Engagement Officer, supported by Norman, the Parish Minister, and Chas on administrative support.

Strategic direction is given by the steering group which makes sure that the project stays on track to meet the outcomes that we set in our grant applications.

And finally, the project could not be run without all the hard work given freely by the team of volunteers – meet them on the home page.

Community Engagement Officer: Anna Baran
Project Sponsor: Norman Smith
Project Administrator: Chas Macintosh

Project Steering Group:
Norman Smith
Catriona Jeorrett
Dan Docwra
Karen Docwra
Sandra Cumming
Susan Leslie
Eleanor Ryan-Saha
Monika Farna